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Tennessee is making significant progress in rapidly vaccinating the most vulnerable among our citizens.

Today, Tennesseans who are age 70 and older are eligible to request appointments for their COVID-19 vaccinations with their local health departments.

This is a significant milestone in Tennessee’s vaccination efforts, made possible with an increase in the state’s COVID-19 vaccine supply.

More than 473,000 Tennesseans already have received the vaccine, and more than 156,000 vaccinations were provided in the last week.

Now, the state will see a weekly allocation of 93,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses, which is a 15 percent increase in the state’s previous weekly supply.

This means Tennessee can continue administering COVID-19 vaccinations to those most at risk of illness and death from the virus, as individuals age 70 to 74 have a significantly higher rate of death (70 percent) and hospitalization (40 percent) than those age 65 to 69.

Eligible Tennesseans who want to register for a COVID-19 vaccine should click here, click their county of residence, and select Request an Appointment.

If Tennessee’s COVID-19 vaccine supplies continue to increase as expected the state may be able to expand vaccinations to the Tennesseans in Phase 1b and those 65 and older by March.

While Tennesseans wait for their COVID-19 vaccination appointments, or for their phase or age category to open, there are many options available for protection against the virus.

Individuals 65 and older who are positive for COVID-19, and have certain chronic medical conditions, may be eligible to receive monoclonal antibody treatment for their symptoms. See this article on monoclonal antibody treatment for more information.

Wearing masks, practicing social distancing, and washing hands frequently are still important COVID-19 prevention measures all Tennesseans should observe.

Information on Tennessee’s COVID-19 vaccination effort, vaccine phases and eligibility, and other helpful resources are available here.