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Tennessee’s senior citizens are among the most vulnerable to hospitalization and death from COVID-19.

This is why Tennessee’s COVID-19 Vaccination Plan prioritizes those at the highest risk and why the state is working to make sure there are vaccination providers in every Tennessee county.

The state is now asking those with friends and loved ones among Tennessee’s senior citizens to join the COVID-19 vaccination effort and register their loved ones to receive a safe, free, and highly effective vaccine that could save lives.

Here’s how to help:

  • Help your friend or loved one request a vaccine appointment online at one of Tennessee 89 state-run county health departments. A step-by-step registration video is available to walk you and your friend or loved one through the process.
  • Arrange your schedule so you can take your friend or loved one to the vaccination appointment. This will mean a great deal to your family member who may need reassurance and help through the process.
  • If you can’t go with your friend or loved one to the vaccine appointment, arrange transportation for your loved one with the Tennessee Association of Human Resource Agencies.
  • Help your friend or loved one keep track of important follow up information provided at the vaccine appointment, especially the information on when to come back for a 2nd dose. And, if you can’t provide a ride to the 2nd appointment, you can arrange transportation again with the Tennessee Association of Human Resource Agencies.

Beyond immediate family members, there are community organizations, faith-based groups, and other associations and individuals who can make a difference in the lives of senior citizens and lend their support Tennessee’s COVID-19 vaccination effort.

Take a few minutes to collaborate and strategize with your friends and family as to how you can make the vaccine registration process easy for the important senior citizens in your life.

This could be something as simple as working through the registration process one-on-one over the phone or coordinating a mass registration event for senior citizens through your social network and platforms, such as Facebook.

The Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability and AARP in Tennessee have guidance and resources for older adults about the COVID-19 vaccine, if you’re looking for additional information.

Remember, wearing masks, practicing social distancing, and washing hands frequently are still important COVID-19 prevention measures all Tennesseans should observe.

Information on Tennessee’s COVID-19 vaccination effort, vaccine phases and eligibility, and other helpful resources are available here.