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If you’re a Tennessean age 70 and older, you now have multiple avenues for getting a COVID-19 vaccination.

Because our immune system weakens as we get older, vaccines can help fight off infections we become more prone to as we age, like the flu, pneumonia and shingles.  

Ongoing health conditions like diabetes and heart disease, make getting a COVID-19 vaccine extremely important and compound other age-related complications that can lead to long-term illness, hospitalization and death.

The bottom line:  Tennessee’s senior citizens are more at risk of COVID-19 and for this reason, the state has made vaccinating older adults a priority in the Tennessee COVID-19 Vaccination Plan.  

Here’s how to get your COVID-19 vaccine if you’re age 70 and older in Tennessee: 

  • Request a COVID-19 vaccine appointment with your county health department. If you don’t feel comfortable using online, digital tools, ask a friend or loved one to help you through the appointment process.
  • Use Tennessee’s vaccine finder tool. You can enter your address or zip code and find retail pharmacy locations near you administering the COVID-19 vaccine to older Tennesseans. There are also 121 Walmart locations in Tennessee, announced last week, with supplies of the COVID-19 vaccine, and these locations are listed in Tennessee’s COVID-19 vaccine finder too.
  • Tennessee hospitals and health care systems are reaching out to their 70 and older patients to set COVID-19 vaccination appointments. Take advantage of this opportunity to receive a vaccine through your health care provider. This will make receiving your second COVID-19 vaccine dose even easier as your provider will schedule the follow-up appointment when you receive your first vaccination.
  • Don’t let transportation challenges prevent you from getting a COVID-19 vaccine. You can make transportation arrangements to your first and second COVID-19 vaccination appointment through the Tennessee Association of Human Resource Agencies.  

You have many options for getting a COVID-19 vaccination in Tennessee and as a senior citizen your health and well-being are top priorities.

Visit COVID19.TN.gov for more information and resources on Tennessee’s efforts to make the COVID-19 vaccine available to Tennesseans.