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As a health care provider, Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center is focused on preventive health care, and vaccinations are a top priority. As an effective method to reducing deaths caused by the transmission of many types of viruses, we advise parents to vaccinate their children against measles and mumps. We also encourage adults to receive the flu shot, especially those with chronic diseases. 

Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center champions the COVID-19 vaccine with the same perseverance. Millions have successfully received the vaccine which has helped in stalling our death rates, especially in communities of color. In addition to reducing illness and hospitalizations, we believe the COVID-19 vaccine will also have a tremendous impact against social determinants of health. 

From the extraordinary rise in unemployment rates to the number of young students missing classroom instruction, the COVID-19 pandemic has devastated minority communities. The mounting number of deaths in black and brown communities has taken and continues to take a toll on the mental health of everyone. 

We recognize that accepting the COVID-19 vaccine is a personal choice which each one of us has to make, and, in Black communities specifically, that includes acknowledging historical tragedies which have led to both hesitancy and mistrust of those in the medical field. It is important for us, as a provider, to encourage everyone to protect themselves and the entire community. From the cost of hospitalizations to the potential loss of income, the virus has had too great of an impact for anyone to take lightly.  

Generations before us have shown badges of bravery by eradicating viruses such as polio. Today, we are the generation who is being asked to answer the call to change our course of health and our communities by accepting the COVID-19 vaccine. Read the state’s vaccine FAQ to see common questions and concerns.

Katina R. Beard, MSPH
Chief Executive Officer
Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center

Ida Michele Williams, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center