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Accessibility At Testing Sites 

Governor Bill Lee and the Tennessee Department of Health are committed to providing resources related to COVID-19 that are accessible for all Tennesseans.

The Governor’s COVID-19 briefing standards have been updated to include several features to help Tennesseans access, understand, and interact with important updates during this challenging time. Tennessee Disability Pathfinder COVID-19 connects individuals with disabilities to information and resources available to meet their needs. Please call 1-800-640-4636 for one-on-one assistance in finding and accessing support and services.

COVID-19 Symptom Visual Checklist

If you need a visual checklist to communicate potential COVID-19 symptoms, please use this guide.

Closed Captioned COVID-19 Briefings

If you need access to closed captioning for COVID-19 press briefings, please visit this page.

ASL Interpretations Of COVID-19 Briefings

This page provides access to ASL translations of COVID-19 media briefings.

COVID-19 Briefing Transcripts

If you need access to written transcripts of COVID-19 media briefings, please visit this page.

Get Additional Information

For more information on navigating COVID-19 for people with disabilities, please visit this page.

Information For Caregivers

The Tennessee Department of Health is proud to offer information and resources to help families and caregivers support loved ones.

Below are information guides and resources available at this time.

Download Or Print “Helping Family Caregivers”

Family caregivers are people (fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, spouses) who provide care for a loved one on a regular basis without financial compensation.

Resources For A Caregiver Of A Person Living With Alzheimer’s Disease

Caregiving for a person living with Alzheimer’s Disease can have a big impact on mental and physical health and wellbeing. 

Tips For Dementia Caregivers During COVID-19

Dementia-related behaviors, increased age and common health conditions that often accompany dementia may increase risk during COVID-19.

National Federation Of Families Home Resources Facebook Page

The National Federation of Families shares resources for parents and caregivers to use at home.

COVID-19 Resources For People With Disabilities

This page provides a wide range of resources for people with disabilities to help them navigate COVID-19.

Get Additional Information

For more information on navigating COVID-19 for people with disabilities, please visit this page.