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Returning To Daycare, Preschool, Elementary, Middle Or High School, And Higher Education

Governor Bill Lee and his administration have made the safe return of students to the classroom a top priority.

By getting students safely back to in-person learning, we can address the challenges that arise from long-term remote learning. To find additional resources, please visit Best For All and view our strategic plan to set all students up for success.

Returning To Daycare Or Preschool

Child Care Directory

Access the complete child care provider directory during COVID-19.

Voluntary Pre-K Programs

Access information about voluntary pre-K programs.

Child Care Services And COVID-19

Learn more about the resources for both parents and child care providers related to services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Department Of Education

For more information about returning to school, visit the Department of Education.

Returning To Elementary, Middle, Or High School

Safe Reopening Plan For Tennessee Schools

Read Governor Lee’s reopening plan for Tennessee schools.

Tennessee Department Of Education’s School District Information Dashboard

The dashboard displays information reported by districts about COVID-19 in their communities, and how positive cases within a school may impact the way teachers deliver instruction to students.

School Decision-Making Tool For Parents, Caregivers, And Guardians

Read the CDC’s guidance on “deciding how to go back to school.”

Back To School Planning: Checklists To Guide Parents, Guardians, And Caregivers

Access the CDC’s checklists for going back to school.

Department Of Health Return To School Algorithm

Access the Department of Health’s return to school algorithm.

A Case Of COVID-19 In My Child’s School

Read “What To Expect When COVID-19 Has Been Identified In My Child’s School.”

When Your Child Has Been Exposed To COVID-19

Read “What To Expect When Your Child Has Been Exposed To COVID-19.”

Educational Resources

Find more education resources and guidance.

Returning To Higher Education

Colleges, Universities, And Higher Learning

Access CDC guidelines for higher education.

Higher Education Guidelines

Access the Tennessee Pledge for Higher Education.